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But don’t● let this thing become one-sided.You too are ▓an artist, as you have hinted and as I had fanc▓ied.And your art is” “Guess.I’ll ▓wager you’ll never guess.” “No; I co●nfess I am at a loss.You seem equally familia●r with all the arts.One moment I thin▓k you are a painter; the nex▓t, a sculptor.I’m sure you’re not a ▓musician.And on the whole it s●eems most probable that you a●re in some way connected with▓ literature.I don’t know why. 癖 “Good! You have hit the nail o●n the head! In spite of my slangy sp

eech a▓nd my worldly wisdom, learn th▓at I aspire to become a poet! the poet of ▓the practical, of the every day, of the passions▓ of modern life.As yet, however, ●I am, as the French put it, in茅dit.The mag▓azines repudiate me.I am too downright, to●o careless of euphemism, to suit their dai▓nty pages.But this is aside fro●m


the point.The point is that I want to hear y●ou play.” “Impossible.For me music is▓ a thing of the

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